Month: August 2012

Are Your Pipes Sweating?

In the hot and humid late summer months in Scottsdale, plumbing problems seem to happen more often when homeowners start to notice what appear to be leaks. Leaking pipes are a big problem because they waste water and bills skyrocket. So when you notice a pipe with a...

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The leaky tap

It may sound like a small issue but water leaks can cause great damage to your house, furniture and other belongings. Procrastinating the fixing of a leakage can cost you a lot more money than the original solution. Sometimes internal leakages may not be apparent, so...

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Why regular plumbing maintenance is advised?

Plumbing maintenance does not strike much in anyone's mind until some big problem strikes. Plumbing is one area of the home that needs regular check ups and simply cannot be overlooked. Preventive and correction methods ensures that small problems never get...

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Plumbing Perry Hall Frequently Asked Questions

There are a number of different things that can go wrong in your home when it comes to plumbing. Aside from a faucet springing a leak, homeowners will experience a wide variety of issues dealing with water, pipes, and odors. If you are dealing with an issue in your...

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