Are Your Pipes Sweating?

by | Aug 8, 2012 | Plumbing

In the hot and humid late summer months in Scottsdale, plumbing problems seem to happen more often when homeowners start to notice what appear to be leaks. Leaking pipes are a big problem because they waste water and bills skyrocket. So when you notice a pipe with a lot of water dripping from it steadily and collecting in a small pond underneath, there is cause for alarm. You may even feel the need to call a Scottsdale plumbing company because a leak is not only wasteful, but present a pressure problem that might mean a weak shower, or worse, could mean there is blockage in the pipes that could lead to a break, which in turn could lead to flooding and water damage. A whole catastrophe may form in your mind, informed by the thought of water damage causing toxic mold to spring into existence, making your whole family sick, and motivating you to move into a local motel until the problem can be taken care of, costing you thousands of dollars in the meanwhile.

Rest easy. If the persistent drip is occurring in the late summer months when it is really humid here in Scottsdale, your plumbing is probably not really at fault. It’s more likely condensation forming on the pipe and not a leak at all. So there is no need to call a Scottsdale plumber, or to be afraid of low pressure in the shower, or pipe’s breaking, or flooding. You may still need to worry about mold, however, since the condensation can collect in small pools that can cause mold to form.

Before you start checking out the weekly rates at local motels, it’s easier just to fix the problem. Closely examine the pipe, and if you discover there isn’t a hole or crack or broken connection anywhere, the pipe can’t be leaking. It’s condensation caused by the colder temperature of the water inside the pipe reacting with the hot humidity immediately outside. The best cure is to insulate the pipes, which is a more efficient use of resources.

You don’t need to call a Scottsdale plumbing company to insulate your pipes. There are a several different kinds of thick, drip tape available that will effectively adhere to your pipes and solve the condensation problem. Dry the pipe as much as you can, then completely apply the tape on the pipe and fittings. This should be effective in preventing further sweating.

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