Great New Construction Plumbing in Escondido CA Tips For Homeowners

by | Jun 15, 2018 | Plumbing

Each year, millions of new homes are constructed in the United States. Most people choose to build a home due to the high level of customization it allows them to have. The key to having success with a home building project is hiring the right construction company.

Once the home is framed and the roof is on, plumbers will start to come in and install the various fixtures in the home. Failing to be involved in this process can lead to a variety of problems down the road. The following are some helpful New Construction Plumbing in Escondido CA every homeowner needs to be aware of.

Proper Water Heater Placement

Making sure the water heater is placed in the right spot is something a homeowner should view as a priority. If the home being built has a basement, placing the water heater there is a good idea. For homes without a basement, putting the water heater on the main floor of the home is essential.

When this appliance is being installed, a homeowner needs to make sure there is a drain pan installed. By doing this, a homeowner can avoid extensive water damage in the event of a water heater failure. Often times, plumbers will pipe these drain pans to run into a sewer or septic tank to ensure they don’t spill over.

Make the Main Water Accessible

Planning ahead for future plumbing problems is important during the construction of a new home. When the plumbers put in the main water shut-off valve, a homeowner needs to make sure it is easily accessed in the event of a plumbing emergency.

If a homeowner does not know where this valve is, they will have a very hard time preventing water damage when dealing with things like a ruptured pipe. Often times, plumbers will consult with the homeowner when trying to find the proper place for one of these valves.

Working with an experienced New Construction Plumbing in Escondido CA company can help a homeowner avoid problems. For years, the team at Hanna Plumbing has been providing their clients with top-notch plumbing services for years. Call them or contact us today by visiting their website.

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