How to Fix a Slab Leak in Palm Springs CA

by | Aug 18, 2014 | Plumbing

The quality of plumbing in the home determines how comfortable, safe and healthy the occupants of the house will be when living there. One of the most terrifying plumbing issues that can happen to a homeowner is having a slab leak. The problem isn’t what one would call a plumbing emergency because most of the time the leak happens over a long period. However, most homeowners will relies on that when there is a problem and the water bill seems too big to be correct. Here is what you need to know about dealing with a slab leak in Palm Springs CA.

Finding out where the leak is

As mentioned, a slab leak can only be detected by a professional plumber. When you discover that your bill keeps increasing even though your water consumption needs haven’t increased, you will need to contact an expert. Here are the things that the plumbers will help you figure out:

  • They will inspect all other aspects of the house’s plumbing and try to figure out whether the problem could have been caused by another issue.
  • Once they rule out all other issues, they will help inspect for a Slab Leak in Palm Springs CA. They will start by figuring out if your house stands on a slab. A simple test for this is stomping your feet on the floor. If you find solid ground as opposed to experiencing a hollow sound, you are on a slab.
  • The next thing that the plumber will do is inspect the floor for a hot spot or a wet spot. This is what guides the plumbers in figuring out the location of the slab leak.

Fixing the leak

The method used to fix the leak will depend on what is causing the leak. There are leaks that are caused by torn water pipes, sealing or replacing the pipe will fix this problem. If the cause of water flooding the area below the slab is a burst sewer or any other part of the waste removal from the house, the plumber will fix the system and drain the stagnated water.

Note that ignoring a slab leak can cost you the whole house. Get a plumber to help you fix Slab Leak in Palm Springs CA as soon as you suspect its presence.

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