Measuring the Benefits of HVAC Upgrades

Keep Your Home Cool In Summer And Warm In Winter

With a brand new HVAC system you can cool your home in the heat of the summer, ventilate it properly all year and provide efficient heat in the cold of the winter.

When looking at upgrading your HVAC system you will have to weigh up the cost of maintaining your current system against the cost and benefits of a new installation. The potential benefits include a reduction in energy use and an improvement in reliability and comfort. Remember that as your HVAC system gets older it will need more maintenance – this can prove to be expensive. It may not even be possible to get the parts you need for a very old system. So even if your system is still working, it probably isn’t working efficiently or doing the job it is supposed to.

If your electric and/or gas bills are high, a new energy efficient heat pump could greatly reduce your utility costs. A heat pump is a great piece of equipment as it can keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter, whilst the latest energy efficient ones can save you a great deal of money.

New HVAC Systems

With a new HVAC system you can also regulate the humidity of your home. A central air handler will make sure the inside air is at the humidity you prefer and an air-filtration system will cut down hay fever in the spring when the pollen count is high.

A heat pump doesn’t need a flue or vent to get rid of exhaust gases so you can put it where you want in your home without the need to cut holes in the roof, thus reducing the cost of installation.

Additionally, all-electric heat pumps are much safer as they don’t use flammable gas and there is no ignition source. This also means that there is no possibility of carbon monoxide buildup. So you can keep heating your home when it’s cold outside without fear of accidents.

Greater Control

A highly energy efficient HVAC upgrade can pay for itself very quickly. An upgrade will provide you with much greater control over the cooling and heating of your home. A new control system will allow you to manually regulate the temperature of your home to your ideal temperature and you can set it to turn on and off automatically so it isn’t on wasting electricity and fuel when you aren’t at home.

Energy-Efficient Systems

However, the main benefits of a new HVAC cooling and heating system come into play in the winter when you are trying to keep your house warm. Energy-efficient heating systems give an efficiency of up to 97% output compared to an older furnace with an output of only 56-70%. It will keep you warm whilst using much less electricity and so saving you money.

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