Three Signs You Need Septic Pumping in Fort Myers Florida

If you are lucky, you will never have to deal with having a backed up or malfunctioning septic tank and the ordeal that Septic Pumping can turn in to. However, most home owners will not get that lucky and will have to have septic pumping Fort Myers Florida during the course of their life as home owners. Here are three signs that you may need to call out the professionals.

You notice a bad odor in your yard.

Your yard should not have a foul odor in it, and the presence of such an odor should be a warning sign that something is going on that is not supposed to be, especially if the odor is in the vicinity of your home’s septic pump.

You notice rapid plant growth in the area of your septic pump.

Rapid plant growth around your home’s septic tank means that the plants are getting more water than the rest of the lawn. This is not the good type of ground water, it means that either the septic tank is full, and overflowing, or the fill lines of your septic system are backed up and flowing into your yard. There can be toxic bacteria in this dampness, so try and keep children and pets away from it. Instead of planting a flower garden over top of it, you should call out the professionals because it means you will probably need septic pumping Fort Myers Florida.

You notice that your drains are suddenly very slow.

Slow drains can be caused by a dozen different plumbing situations, but if your drains become slow after a period of time, it’s important to have a professional perform an inspection to be sure that the sluggishness is not caused by a backed up or overfull septic system.

With just a little bit of prevention, you can keep your septic system in good working order. Follow your plumber’s advice about keeping your system clear and functioning. Keep hard objects out of your septic tank to keep it from becoming backed up by things that will not break down properly. You may need to install more efficient toilets in order to keep your system running smoothly.


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