All About Tubs Repair in Philadelphia

by | Nov 10, 2017 | Plumbing

Tubs repair in Philadelphia is an option to replacing bathtubs. Unfortunately, replacing bathtubs can get expensive. Bathtubs are connected to a lot of things and replacing them can get messy. A homeowner might have to spend a few thousand dollars to completely replace their old bathtub. It’s good that there are options.

Making An Old Tub New

So how can tubs repair in Philadelphia make an old tub like new? One option that people have is to use tub liners. A tub liner is created to fit the bathtub model that it is designed for. A repair person can properly prepare a bathtub so that the installation of the liner goes as expected. The liner will be cut while it is being adjusted so it fits the walls of the tub without any problems.

Another Way To Fix An Old Tub

Using a tub liner isn’t the only way to fix an old tub. A bathtub can also be refinished. The refinishing process is one that involves some chemicals that can be dangerous, so the repair person will use a respirator while working on the tub. Refinishing actually uses acid on the tub. The acid will help the new finish to better stick to the bathtub. Once a tub is refinished, the new look should last for quite some time.

Which Is The Better Option?

Which technique should people with old tubs use? Mostly, that will depend on what a person truly wants and their budget. Using a new tub liner is going to give a much more durable result. But the downside to using a new tub liner is that it is more expensive than getting a bathtub refinished. If a person has an old tub, they can go over their options with a qualified contractor. Contact us to find out more about repairing old tubs.

Bathtubs can start to look old and dirty. If a person is remodeling their entire bathroom, it might make sense to completely replace the old tub. In cases where the tub is the only thing that needs to be taken care of, it’s just best to use one of the repair techniques.

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