Answers To Your Common Plumbing Questions

by | Feb 13, 2014 | Plumbing

Leaky pipes, clogged drains and sewer problems can disrupt your home or business. When your plumbing system has an issue, it will only get worse until you call a plumber. Below you’ll find the answers to questions about common problems that your plumber can professionally fix for you.

Q.) My drains are seriously clogged and the plunger isn’t working. What methods will a plumber use to clear my drains?

A.) For tough clogs, plumbers often use hydro-jetting. Your plumber will force water, that’s under high pressure, into your clogged drain. The force of this water will clear your drain of sediment, silt, hair and anything else that is clogging your drain.

Q.) My sewer pipes are clogged with tree roots, will I have to get a replacement sewer line?

A.) If your sewer pipes are broken due to the tree roots, these will have to be replaced. If your sewer pipes are only clogged and not damaged, a plumber will use special equipment that has high powered blades. These blades can easily cut through the tree roots in your pipes to clear the clog.

Q.) If I have a broken water pipe, what should I do until the plumber arrives?

A.) When you discover a leak due to a broken water line, immediately shut off the main water valve. If you need to temporarily use your water, find the leak in your pipe, wrap a piece of rubber around the leaky spot in your pipe and secure it.

Q.) I accidentally dropped my wedding ring down my bathroom sink. Is it worth my time to call a plumber to retrieve my ring, or is it lost forever?

A.) If you drop something down your drain, do not run any more water until the plumber arrives. The plumber can take the pipes apart underneath the sink and in most cases, retrieve any lost objects.

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