Benefits Offered by Using Brass Fittings for Plumbing

by | Aug 5, 2015 | Plumbing

Brass Fittings are just one option of a number of different types of fittings available on the market today. An alloy of zinc and copper, brass has been used for a long time in plumbing works for residential and industrial buildings. They have proven to be some of the most effective options available. However, it is still important that careful consideration go into the fittings that are selected for the plumbing project being worked on. The right choice will help to enhance the total efficiency of the water delivery system while adding to the overall value of the home. Some of the specific benefits offered by brass fittings are found here.


Brass is considered an extremely durable material. This makes it the ideal option for plumbing works, which will require a long serving and resilient materials. Once they are installed, the Brass Fittings will keep this good condition for a number of years. They will not easily crack or start to disintegrate.

Able to Withstand Higher Temperatures

Of all the metals available, the fittings made from brass are ideal for hot water distribution. This is because these fittings offer superior conductivity, which helps to promote the efficiency of the hot water distribution system in a residence. They are also well-known for their ductility in higher temperatures. These fittings can easily withstand very high temperatures and are completely fire resistant. In many cases, they are the only component of a home recovered after a house fire.


Due to the versatility of these fittings, they have an edge over other types of metal fittings. They are available in all widths, shapes and sizes, and they can also be used for altering the size of a pipe. This makes it much easier to complete plumbing installations based on a precise specification.

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