Common Leaks Seen in Residential Plumbing in Edison NJ

by | Jun 19, 2017 | Plumbing

By fixing leaks quickly, homeowners can avoid a list of problems such as water damage, higher water bills and wasting natural resources. Understanding common plumbing leaks can help homeowners stop such problems before they become major. Below, area residents can learn about the three most common types of leaks seen in Residential Plumbing in Edison NJ.


Toilet leaks can range from seeping and slow to sudden and dangerous. To avoid a major catastrophe, a plumber would suggest making sure the shut-off valve is easy to manipulate so the water can be turned off in the event of a major leak or clog. The plumber may also recommend closing the toilet flapper to prevent and overflow. A plumber can check to ensure that the toilet does not wobble or move, which can indicate that the seal on the bottom has been broken. When the seal breaks, sewer gas can get into the home and water can damage the area around the toilet.

Washing Machines

A substantial amount of water goes through the washing machine with each use, and all of that water can leak onto the laundry room floor if the appliance isn’t correctly maintained. The washing machine hoses should be replaced every five years to prevent flooding, and a plumber may recommend steel hoses instead of weak rubber or plastic ones. A washing machine pumps out a large amount of water every time it drains, and drain clogs can cause real problems in Residential Plumbing in Edison NJ.


The dishwasher uses the most water out of most of the appliances in the home. To avoid ruining the entire kitchen floor, it’s important to regularly check the area under the sink and around the base of the appliance. Most dishwashers are connected to the sink drain, and water spots under the sink can indicate a leak. Discolored flooring, warped tile and water damage on nearby cabinets can all point to serious issues that should be addressed by a plumber.

Homeowners should not let a minor leak turn into a big nightmare. Call a local plumber and let the specialists solve the problem efficiently, quickly and cost-effectively. By hiring a plumber, a homeowner can prevent a small problem from turning into a major issue. Get more information by calling the company or visiting the website.

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