Hints on how to choose a plumbing contractor

by | May 21, 2014 | Plumbers

Choosing plumbing contractors in Minneapolis is not a lot different than choosing any contractor that you will want to have doing work around your home. You want to hire a plumbing contractor that is experienced, has a good local reputation, is licensed and is competent. Although these are the key elements, you may also want to watch the way the plumber presents himself, what guarantees of satisfaction they can offer, the price of course and can they prove that they have given past customers the satisfaction they have expected.

It is probably not important to go through an extensive process including background checks if the only issue is a clogged kitchen drain. However, there are many jobs that are well outside the scope of the average homeowner such as replacing pipes or changing the location of pipes in the event you remodel the kitchen or bathroom, these types of tasks requires the skills that only a professional plumber has. This is when it is important to make a careful decision.

Plumbing contractors in Minneapolis have to have a license to operate and the license must be current. Ask the candidate for the number of his license and then check with the appropriate issuing agency to make sure it is in order and up to date. While doing this it is always a good idea to check with the local Better Business Bureau. If the plumber has had numerous complaints lodged and some are still pending then this contractor should be taken off your list of candidates.

Plumbers who do good work as a matter of course are proud of this fact and they will not have any qualms at giving you the names of a few customers that will act as references. You can ask friends and neighbors for the names of plumbing contractors that they are comfortable in recommending and you can also call in to a plumbing supply store and ask the counter staff who the busy plumbers are, chances are if they are busy they are also good.

Plumbing can be difficult to estimate in advance as not everything can be seen or visualized, but nevertheless good plumbers should be able to come close with providing a cost estimate. It is recommended that you seek at least three different estimates but with plumbing, the cheapest isn’t always the best, this is especially true if the contractor lacks experience, lacks a license or has had numerous complaints lodged at the BBB.

The plumbing contractor in Minneapolis that you choose should guarantee their work; be leery of any who do not as problems can occur, especially if the job was large and complex.

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