How to Limit the Amount of Solid Waste Going Into your Septic Tank

by | Feb 26, 2013 | Plumbing

When it comes to keeping your septic tank running properly, it’s important to control the waste that enters the system. In particular, it’s the solid waste that you should be concerned about. The tips below will help you to avoid using a professional septic tank service Putnam County, more frequently than you need to.

What makes up solid waste?

Solid waste comes from your garbage disposal as well as your toilet. It can include anything from feces to cigarette butts and sanitary towels. These solid materials collect at the bottom of the tank and they stay there until they are pumped out. If too much solids build up in the tank, they will start to overflow out into the drain field. This causes an extreme hygiene risk.

Ways to minimize your homes solid waste

There are several ways you can minimize the amount of solid waste going into the tank. These include:

*     Limit how often you use your garbage disposal

*     Don’t pour cooking oil or grease down your drains

*     Minimize how much water you use each day

*     Cigarette butts, tissues and sanitary products should be placed in a bin, rather than down a drain

*     Ensure there’s grass or some vegetation covering the drain field

How often you use your garbage disposal will determine how full your septic tank gets. Many times a professional Septic Tank Service Putnam County is called in because of garbage disposal problems.

Another common mistake that many homeowners make is to pour oil and grease down their drains. Once you’ve finished cooking it can seem like a good idea to just pour the additional juices down the drain. However this can seriously clog the pipes and cause major problems for the septic tank. Instead you should place these oils into your garbage bin so that they can be disposed of safely by landfill.

Using too much water will push liquids from the tank into the drain field. When there’s an excessive amount of liquids going into the tank, it will cause the drain field to overflow. This will lead to quite serious sanitary problems.

One important tip to keep in mind is you should never put pesticides into the tank. They will threaten the quality of the ground water and this can lead to problems for you, your neighbors and the environment.


Overall there are things that you can do to ensure your septic tank works as well as it should. If you follow the tips above you’ll minimize the amount of times you need to use a septic tank service Putnam County. Therefore being sensible and ensuring you maintain your septic tank could save you a lot of money in the long term.


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