Keep the Water Flowing Freely by Using an Expert Plumbing Service in Escondido CA

by | May 12, 2020 | Plumbing

There are few things worse for a homeowner than waking up in the middle of the night and walking into a room with water all over the floor. This situation is typically the result of water leaking from a broken pipe or damaged toilet. A plumbing service in Escondido CA can help by eliminating the cause of the disaster and getting the fresh water flowing. Of course, not all plumbing issues are on the fresh water side of the system. For instance, when the main sewer line develops a clog, the drain system can quickly become a real problem.

Drainage problems typically occur in two locations. The first of these are the P-traps located close to the actual drains. A P-trap is placed in a pipe to prevent the return of sewer gas. This works because the trap holds a tiny amount of water in the crook of the pipe that blocks any returning odors. However, this small curve in the pipe can also collect other items that can easily block the flow of sewage such as food or hair. To eliminate a drainage problem such as this, a plumbing service in Escondido CA must remove the trap from the pipe and clean out the inside.

Clogs in sewer lines are usually a little tougher. Part of the problem is the difficulty of accessing the situation. Some sewer line systems will have an access built in so the plumber can easily investigate such situations, but many older systems are simply pipes that are run from the home to the main connection. In these situations, the plumber will need to remove the toilet closest to the pipe for the easiest access to the sewer line. Once the toilet has been removed, the contractor can use a tool such as a video snake to locate where and what the problem may be. Surprisingly, not all issues are due to a clog buildup. For example, some sewer blockage may occur when roots grow into the pipe. The roots of plants are always seeking sources of moisture, and the slow-flowing water in a sewer pipe can offer easy pickings. To learn more about plumbing repair, contact Hanna Plumbing And Supply Inc.

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