Learn More about these Common Residential Toilet Plumbing Problems

by | Feb 4, 2021 | Plumbing

Toilets get used frequently throughout the day, and with so much usage, they tend to develop problems caused by wear and tear. Luckily, homeowners and renters don’t have to deal with these problems alone. With a quick call to a local plumber, issues with toilet plumbing in Northbrook, IL, homes can get taken care of right away.

Running Toilets

Many people call plumbers because they have a toilet that won’t stop running or a toilet that “ghost” flushes. Ghost flushing is when the toilet suddenly flushes even though no one is using it. Toilets that run nonstop or flush themselves often have interior plumbing parts that need adjusting or replaced.

Wobbly Toilets

Most residential toilets are screwed to the floor. When they become wobbly and unstable, it’s usually because the screws have come loose. If the toilet’s screws can’t be tightened, call a plumber for their expertise and assistance with getting the toilet stabilized.

Drainage Issues

The most common call people make to area plumbers is for clogged drain repair. Toilets clog when too much toilet tissue is flushed, but also from years and years of debris that’s formed inside the drainage pipes. If using a plunger or a drain snake doesn’t clear the clog, chances are that the blockage is deep, possibly in the sewer pipe.

Sewer clogs can’t be fixed using common household plumbing tools or drain cleaning products. They require professional tools and techniques that only a plumber has access to. For help with sewer blockages and all other toilet plumbing in Northbrook, IL, contact BMW Plumbing, Inc. today.

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