Learning About Septic Services in Middletown NJ When Moving to a Rural Home for the First Time

by | May 16, 2018 | Plumbing

Companies providing Septic Services in Middletown NJ help homeowners who live in areas where municipal sewer service is not available or the property owners have not yet been required to hook up to the system. Customers call these companies when they want to have routine pumping and tank inspection done, and when they encounter problems with their private sewage treatment system.

Friendly Bacteria

Technicians who provide Septic Services in Middletown NJ can offer helpful suggestions to customers just moving into a home with this type of treatment system for the first time. For instance, these people may be advised to add a packet of friendly bacteria to the tank every month by flushing it down a toilet.

Water Usage and Substances Going to the Tank

Avoiding doing all the laundry in one morning also is a common recommendation, since so much water overloads the system. The household residents and their guests also must be more careful about what they flush than they may be accustomed to. Feminine hygiene products, sanitary wipes, dental floss, and hair should go in a wastebasket, not into the septic tank. Bulky items can gradually take up too much space in the tank and cause a sewer backup.

Another tip is to avoid putting harsh chemicals into the tank since they can decimate the friendly bacteria that break down waste material. A little bleach now and then is OK, and so is a reasonable amount of soap of various sorts. However, it’s best to avoid using toxic drain cleaners and other products of that sort.

The Next Inspection

Laws require septic tanks to be pumped and inspected before closing on the sale of a house, so the new owners shouldn’t have to worry about any problems developing quickly. They’ll probably want to have technicians from a company such as Apollo Sewer & Plumbing pump the tank again after a year so they can learn whether they need to make any changes in their usage of the system. They’ll find out at that time whether anybody in the house is not abiding by the rules and flushing things that aren’t supposed to be flushed. Visit Apollosewerandplumbing.com for information on this particular company.

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