Problems that Lead to a Septic System Repair in McDonough, Georgia

by | Oct 21, 2015 | Plumbing

The septic tank is one of the hardest places in which to detect a serious problem. That is because so many homeowners do not know about a problem there until it is too late. By then, they detect a strong, unwavering smell that comes from the plumbing pipes or drains and suffocates the house. They turn on the tap or shower and find a slow trickle of water. Outside the property, they detect spots of water that appear above the septic drain field. By that time, they call a professional, but the problem already requires a major repair. As a septic system owner, learn about the common problems that may lead you to need a septic system repair.

What Is the Septic Tank?

Every house has a septic tank that contains large volumes of water. The wastewater exits the house and flows into this tank where the solids are separated from the liquids. Then, the water moves into the drain field. So, every time you flush the toilet and turn on the shower, think of this septic tank. That is why most people think twice before sending large objects through the pipes.

Everyone has heard about paper towels in toilets and hair in sinks. The least anyone should do is respect the septic tank that could get clogged and release repulsive floods of sewage waste water onto the property. Before a serious problem like this happens, know ahead of time when to get a septic system repair.

The Problem May Lie in the Soil

If your soil is dry or lacks pores, it will not absorb the waste water that comes from your septic tank. You want to install your tank parts in soil that is rich in aerobic bacteria. You need soil that is full of oxygen and conducive to the growth of good bacteria.

Many factors could affect the state of your septic system. An issue as simple as the type of soil is one of them. If you detect something wrong with your tank, only a plumbing professional can help you.

Every septic tank system has its faults at some point or another. Most systems are going to have clogs, whether in the toilet or kitchen sink. Sometimes, people accidentally pour grease down the sink, and other times, people clog the shower drain too often. There are certain tips and techniques that can help people improve their plumbing system. You can learn more about this vital household system online and read about the problems that occur often and nearly every day. However, there is some information that is best received from a professional only. Visit our website to receive a quote for septic system repair in McDonough, Georgia.

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