Trenchless Sewer Line Work in Los Angeles

by | May 24, 2013 | Plumbing

Repair or replacement of your water and sewer pipes isn’t anything a homeowner looks forward to. It brings to mind images of yards and driveways that are completely excavated, piles of dirt and broken cement everywhere, and days of landscaping to repair the damage. These methods are outdated. Modern plumbing services can replace sewer lines without tearing up yards and driveways like they used to, and it’s called replacing the pipes with a trenchless sewer Los Angeles.

Sewer lines may have to be replaced if they’ve become corroded, the lines have broken or cracked, if the joints have broken, if roots have worked their way into the lines, or if the pipes have separated and become offset. Modern plumbing services use diagnostic tools like high-tech cameras that can go inside the pipes, which allow them to pinpoint problem areas without digging up an entire yard.

There are a couple maintenance services you may have the option of trying in order to prevent replacing your sewer line. Hydro-jetting means using water under high pressure and flushing it into the pipes to clear them. It’s a maintenance service the clears pipes which otherwise can eventually get a buildup that impedes water flow and complete blockages that cause backups.

Along with replacing a trenchless sewer Los Angeles, part of the new trenchless technology includes pipelining, which refers to putting a liner inside the water line and sewer line pipes. This can prevent having to demolish and replace the pipes and make your existing sewer pipes function as good as new. Best of all, the plumbing service won’t have to tear into your walls, foundation or floors, or any outside features like the driveway, sidewalk, or yard. There is very little digging involved.

Trenchless sewer lining begins with first removing any tree roots or calcification from inside the pipes. From above ground, workers will apply an epoxy coating inside the underground pipes, creating a smooth lining. It’s a strong lining that is impervious to invading tree roots and calcification buildup. This has proven to be a time-tested method that has saved other homeowners and businesses thousands of dollars in replacement pipes, yard excavation repair, and home and driveway repair.

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