What are Bathroom Fixtures exactly?

by | Aug 9, 2013 | Home Improvement

In less high-tech, simpler days without the so called modern advantages of marketing hype and the need to be seen as “trendy”; a ‘well to do” home would have a separate room solely devoted to washing your bodies – the bathroom. In the bathroom there would be a bath and a hand washing basin both with their, plumbed in, water supply – the fixtures. Sometimes a lavatory would be included as a third fixture.

Matters like the water supply were not considered part of any bathroom design; so long as water was piped in and controlled by faucets, not much additional thought was required – possibly, a separate hot water supply could be an addition to the list of supporting Bathroom Fixtures. In those days, it was relatively easy to fit out a bathroom and many people would do it all for themselves. Then, progress crept up and overtook us.

Additional fixtures like showers, the exotic bidet or even a home spa tub came on the scene and we all wanted them in our bathroom. This considerably complicated the plumbing, and, to make matters worse, even faucets were becoming available in different designs with different functions. Installing a bathroom was becoming a more specialized job and, the days when we could call in and chat with the father and son owners of the hardware store on Main Street were also coming to an end.

If we are in the market for Bathroom Fixtures today, we can go the warehouse sized, hardware super store in our local mall which has all the latest fixtures and gizmos but is staffed by people who know very little about the products on display and can’t give us the advice we need. Alternatively, there are now shops that sell nothing but bathroom ideas and suggestions; however, these have a tendency to only deal in up-market, expensive bathrooms that require a contractor to install them.

For the more economically minded who still wish to choose for themselves exactly which fixtures to have in their bathroom and then purchase them as separate items to be installed into the final bathroom package; there are online stores that deal with almost all the Bathroom Fixtures known to man and can usually supply them very quickly anywhere across the nation at highly competitive prices.

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