How to Avoid Hiring the Wrong Plumber in Reno

by | Sep 21, 2015 | HVAC

Having a plumbing problem can be a major inconvenience. It can interrupt daily activities such as cleaning and bathing. A defective plumbing system can also result in a flood that causes household damage. To keep this from happening, it’s essential to find the right Plumber in Reno to fix damaged plumbing. The following guidelines can be used for this task.

When a plumbing problem occurs, a person is often in a hurry to call a plumber. While this is understandable, it’s not a good idea to call the first plumber seen online or in a phone directly. Instead, a person should do research ahead of time to verify the credentials of a plumber. To start this process, a person should talk to trusted friends and family members to get plumbing referrals. Asking about the quality of customer care and workmanship each person received will enable a person to learn about the work habits of a particular plumber.

After gathering referrals, a homeowner can consider all facts so two plumbers can be selected for further research. Next, a person should make contact with each plumber. A plumber’s phone should be answered with a professional greeting that includes the name of the business. When a plumber is unprofessional when first talking to a person, it may be indicative of the type of work the plumber performs.

Since this task may be done before an actual plumbing problem¬†happens, it’s a good idea to interview each plumber over the phone. A reputable Plumber in Reno should be happy do an interview with a potential customer. The following questions can be asked during each interview:

1. Are you licensed, insured, and bonded?
2. What trade organizations do you belong to?
3. Do you work on all types of plumbing systems?
4. Do you offer a warranty for your work?
5. What processes do you use for plumbing repairs?

Answers to these questions will enable a person to learn more about each plumber’s service methodology and philosophy towards customers. This will allow a person to select one plumber as the first choice when a plumbing problem occurs. The other plumber should be kept in consideration in case the first one does not work out.

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