Understanding How HVAC Experts Deal With a Heating Installation in Bellingham, WA

by | Apr 6, 2018 | HVAC

It’s not uncommon for Bellingham area residents to explore their options for updating aging heating systems. However, most homeowners don’t understand how area HVAC experts evaluate a home’s needs prior to recommending a specific heating or cooling system. When considering a Heating Installation in Bellingham WA, there’s more involved than meet the eye.

Discussing Square Footage and Related Issues

While the majority of homeowners know that the size of a home is an important factor when selecting a heating system, there are a couple of other things in addition to square footage that should be addressed. The number of windows in a home also impact the size of heating unit recommended, as homes with more windows must contend with heat loss issues other homes with fewer windows won’t be facing. In addition, ceiling heights must also be determined. Homes with lower ceilings are, as a rule, less difficult to heat than those with soaring spaces overhead. The contractor will consider those and other factors before suggesting heating system solutions.

Energy Choices Impact Decisions

Available fuel choices will also dictate which heating options are recommended. While electric, gas, and oil heating systems are all available in the region, not all homes have access to every energy choice. In other cases, homes using one form of energy for heating that’s proven to be overly costly may want to consider converting to another fuel source for their heating system. It certainly pays to discuss the various options with a provider before making any decisions.

Installation Costs Must Be Considered

In some homes, the cost of running new ductwork may be prohibitive or the homeowner may not want to deal with visible ducts in hallways or other areas. In those situations, the contractor may suggest mini-split or other ductless systems as potential solutions. Since every home has different needs, it’s routinely recommended that property owners be open to options they may not have considered in the past to achieve the best results.

If you’re considering a Heating Installation in Bellingham WA, now may be the ideal time to discuss your options with an area expert. For more information or to schedule an evaluation of your home’s HVAC needs, go to Lavergneplumbing.com.

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