Plumbing in York Pa – A Few Things that Cause Unnecessary Clogs

by | Dec 17, 2021 | Plumbing

Some people do not realize that they are putting things into their toilets that should never be flushed. As soon as they end up with a clog, they frantically rush to call a plumber. Many of these people say that they have no idea what could have caused their clogs. In some cases, it comes down to people assuming that certain materials are safe enough to be flushed. The issue is that some things that appear innocent and fine are not designed to be flushed.


If certain pets expire, it might seem harmless to flush them down the toilet. Doing so could cause plumbing in York Pa problems because you may get a clog. It could also result in introducing harmful bacteria into sewer systems. Dead animals often carry diseases, and this is something that all consumers should aim to keep out of our wastewater systems.

There have even been cases of people thinking that it is okay to flush certain types of live animals down toilets. Keep in mind that many pets are domesticated. Flushing them down a toilet likely means you are ending their lives because they will not know how to survive. You may also be introducing a dangerous animal into sewers. For example, flushing snakes could create a long-term problem.

Paper Towels and Flushable Wipes

These are common culprits for clogs and other plumbing issues. People look at paper towels and see their resemblance to toilet paper. They often do not realize that paper towels are not biodegradable like toilet tissue. Paper towels can create significant clogs. You may even experience an overflowing toilet if you flush paper towels on a regular basis.

Flushable wipes often have fancy packaging that denotes that they are safe to flush. These wipes are also not bio-degradable. People flush them only to find that over time they have problems with clogs. Even if you manage to not have plumbing in the York Pa issue, just think of where these wipes are going. They may not cause problems in your home, but they could affect the city sewer system negatively.

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