6 Signs You Need Drain Cleaning

by | Dec 28, 2021 | Plumbing

Drain clogs keep your plumbing system from working efficiently. If you see any of the following signs, that means you need to consider calling a professional to handle the job. Let’s look at those ten signs.

Standing Water

If there’s water that won’t drain, that means there’s a plug somewhere in your pipes. It could be hair, gunk, or something else that’s blocking the flow of water in your drainage system.

Slow Moving Drain

If the water in your tub or sink disappears at a glacial pace, that’s another sign that there could be a blockage in your pipes. You’ll want to call for pros that offer residential plumbing in Sherwood Park, AB before that problem gets worse.

Unexplained Foul Odor

If there’s a weird smell from your pipes, it could be the buildup of blockage. Please get rid of any material that could be blocking your pipes by hiring a plumber to fix it.

Frequent Clogs

You already took care of that clogged sink last week. Why is it acting up again? It could be that you didn’t altogether remove the source of the block. Call an expert to get rid of the problem thoroughly.

Gurgling Sounds

No, that’s not a happy sound if it’s coming from your sink. It’s a sign that’s there’s a clog in your pipes. The gurgling sounds come from the air bubbles that try to escape the clog as water passes through it.

Backed Up Water

Is water backing up? That’s one of the worst plumbing problems for homeowners. No one wants to walk into their laundry area only to find themselves wading in ankle-deep foul-smelling water. If you see that, call for a plumber to find and fix your clogged drainage pipes. Water backups are unsanitary and should be dealt with right away, so pick a firm that also offers emergency services Kingstree Plumbing.

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