Preparing for an Air Conditioner Installation in Tucson, AZ

by | Feb 2, 2016 | HVAC

Now that the new unit is selected and the installation date is set, the next item on the agenda is preparing the house for the new Air Conditioner Installation in Tucson AZ. There are several things the homeowner can do to make the process go a little smoother. Here are some examples.

Provide Some Work Space

The day before the team shows up to perform the Air Conditioner Installation in Tucson AZ, take a moment and check the area where the current unit is placed. How easy is it to get past any decorative shrubbery and move around that unit? If the fit is somewhat tight, that means the time has come to trim the shrubs. Cut them back enough for the installation team to remove the old unit and set the new one in position.

Prepare the Access to the Attic

The installation involves more than disconnecting the old unit and connecting the new one. At some point, the team will need to get into the attic and determine if there is a need for an additional air return. To help expedite matters, make sure the entry to the attic is open and easy to reach. If the attic is accessed using a set of retractable stairs, lower them the morning of the installation.

Protect the Flooring

Since the installation team will need to be in and out of the house, simplify things by placing drop cloths on the carpeting or flooring. Start with cloths at the front and back doors, then use more cloths to create trails to the attic stairs, the controls for the system, and even the areas directly under the returns. This strategy means the team can move quickly and not be concerned about tracking dirt into the house. Once the job is finished, it will be easy enough for the homeowner to take each cloth outside and shake out the dirt.

For anyone thinking about replacing an older unit and not sure what option to choose, visit today and arrange to speak with a professional. With a little time and discussion, it will not be difficult to determine what sort of unit is right for the home, make the selection, and set up a date for the installation.

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