Sewage Backups and Floods Cause Water Damage

by | Aug 22, 2012 | Home Improvement

There are various kinds of water damage that can occur in Scottsdale, including those that result from broken pipes or appliances, leaky roofs, or flash floods; none are worse, however, than a sewage flood. When you discover that you have a septic tank that has backed up and flooded your house due to a broken pipe or clogged line, you may think you are having a nightmare and start hoping to wake up. That isn’t going to work. It’s a difficult job, but you need to take action, and your first step is to call a water damage specialist in Scottsdale in order to help clean up. But before the water damage guy (or girl) gets there, you can start doing some necessary work on your own. The faster you move to clean the mess up, the better.


You will need to put on some rubber boots if you have them. Sewage contains bacteria and chemicals that you do not want getting on your skin or coming into contact with for any extended period of time. Gloves should be worn, as well, and a mask. Not everyone has a mask readily available; if that’s the case, you might wrap a towel around your head to protect your face, mouth, and nose.


You can start by taking belongings out of the water that may be damaged if left there. Throw rugs and other items, for instance, should be disposed of by the professionals. Solid materials from the sewage should be put into plastic bags. You can begin to soak up some liquid with paper towels or disposable rags.


It is important to remember that anything you do is just preliminary, and if you manage to remove and dry up a lot of the mess so that it looks clean, you still have the possibility of hidden water damage, as well as bacterial dangers with which to contend. It’s necessary to hire a licensed and professional Scottsdale company that specializes in sewage flooding to take care of the full clean up. If you call a 24-hour service, they will take care of all the foregoing, plus use special equipment to extract all of the water (even from hidden places), kill bacteria, and remove any mold, as well as resolve the sewage issue or help you contract with an appropriate plumbing vendor to do so. A water damage service in Scottsdale can help you to make the decision as to whether dispose of carpet after sewage damage has occurred. In many cases involving sewage, however, bacterial issues may mean that carpet cannot be effectively cleaned.


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