Signs Bathroom Plumbing Repairs in Cranberry PA are Needed

by | Dec 25, 2019 | Plumbers, Plumbing

The bathroom is exposed to quite a bit. From full sinks to endless toilet flushes and long, hot showers, a properly working plumbing system is essential for comfortable living. With sensible use and regular maintenance, the length of any plumbing system can be extended. Some of the most common signs that Plumbing Repairs in Cranberry PA are needed are found here.

Knocking Pipes

If homeowners hear knocking pipes while showering, or when they are running the sink or filling up the tub, there is definitely an issue present. There are a number of causes of knocking pipes, including ‘water hammer’ which is the pressurization of the pipe after it has been used. High water pressure and loose support straps can be extremely damaging since this causes the pipes to shift and jerk. If the issue is not corrected, then the plumbing can begin to leak, or the pipes can break free from their mountings.

Low Water Pressure

Turning on the tap or the shower should result in a full blast of water. However, if a homeowner notices lower than normal water pressure, plumbing repairs in Cranberry PA is necessary. While the issue may be with a dirty shower or faucet head, it also may be a more serious issue that requires the help of a skilled plumber. Issues of low water pressure are related to a number of different things, including a burst pipe that is leaking behind the home’s walls, damaged water heaters and even a clog in the pipes.

Continual Water Dripping

If the shower or sink is dripping all the time, this is definitely the signs of an issue. It is possible that the pressure in the pipes is too high, or that the water that is not needed after turning the tap off is not being drained. Have a professional look at it right away.

For those who may need plumbing repair for their home or business

Take some time to research the various plumbers in the area to find the right one for the job. This will help ensure quality repairs for the home’s plumbing system. Click here for more info.

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