Simple Technique for Cleaning Dirty Sump Pumps in Downers Grove Area

by | Oct 17, 2012 | Plumbing

Basement flooding is a common issue for homes that are located on flat costal lands. Sump pumps are installed in the newly constructed basements of the houses to prevent over flooding or water damages in home. They have been especially designed to remove excess water from a region which is more prone to flooding therefore it is necessary to keep the pump in a functional state. These machines come in varying shapes, sizes and capacities depending upon your space.

In case you are residing in rural regions of Illinois, it is extremely important for you to search for the best sump pumps in Downers Grove village because this region receives rainfall all throughout the year.


A sump pump is an especially designed low pressure pumping device that circulates water from one location to another. They comprise of an encased impeller driven by an engine or a motor, an inlet and outlet for water as well as pipes that are connected to underlying ditches. They comprise of a switch that turns on automatically in the presence of water. The device fails to pull water and circulate it to faraway locations.

These pumps come in two varieties- the portable models and the fixed installation models. They may be electrically powered or gas-powered and are commonly used at construction sites.

With time, these devices become dirty due to accumulation of salts, dirt and dust. Excess accumulation of contaminants affects its pumping capacity and it becomes important to clean it. Instead of searching for professionals how clean sump pumps in Downers Grove, you should try to do it yourself.

Mentioned below are some tips for the same:

– Connect your garden hose to a nearby water valve and link it with a spray nozzle. Spray fresh water on the external parts of the pump and remove mud particles deposited on its surface.

– If the device is covered with grime, you can use a mild cleaning solution for cleaning it. Mix 1 tablespoon bleach with 1 gallon warm, distilled water. Now, using a scrub brush or a water towel soaked in water, wash the pumping device. Thereafter, rinse it with cold water.

– Leave the pump under sun for drying. While the pump dries by itself, you can clean the sump basin indoors. Spray cleaning solution at the sides of sump basin. You may scrub it using a sponge or brush.

– If the basin is filled with filthy water, you may use a secondary wet or dry vacuum pump to suck the water out. Clean the basin with scrub dipped in bleaching powder solution. Once the entire area gets clean, you can reinstall the pump.

– Reattach the pump with the discharge pipe and switch it on. Test the pump.

Additional Consideration

Use sufficient quantities of bleach solution for activating the pump so that it can clean the interior mechanism as well.

In case you’re facing difficulties in cleaning the device, you can view video tutorials on YouTube or seek advice from expert cleaners of sump pumps in Downers Grove.

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