Water Heaters in Frederick – Is Your Water Heater on the Blink?

by | Oct 31, 2012 | Plumbers

There is no doubt that you will depend on your water heaters in Frederick on a daily basis and because these heaters are so useful, the smallest problem can leave you in a state of worry. However, not all water heaters in Frederick will need replacing because some complications are repairable by a qualified plumber. Many different kinds of water heaters have now been introduced to the market such as oil, gas, fuel or electric water heaters in Frederick, making it difficult to understand what is wrong in most cases. To separate a minor problem from a major problem, there are some steps you should take.

Water Heaters in Frederick – Smell

All of the senses will be used when you troubleshoot your water heaters in Frederick, so make sure you are up to the challenge. Begin by turning your water heater on and allow the water to run from your kitchen or bathroom tap for at least five minutes. Cold water will be an obvious sign that something is not quite right but if your water is hot and the smell of rotten eggs is present, it is likely that a component needs replacing. Generally, the smell of rotten eggs will indicate an issue with the aluminum rod, which sits inside most gas heaters.

Water Heaters in Frederick – Sound

There is nothing worse than noisy water heaters in Frederick and the most frustrating thing about this problem is that typically, sounds will arise out of the blue. Sudden banging, clunking or popping noises mean that your water heater needs some TLC. Refrain from trying to fix the heater yourself because it might be in a repairable state and if you make one wrong move, you could be handing over money for a brand new device. Hard mineral sediments often cause irritating noises and if attention is not drawn to this problem, the build-up could break the water heater for good.

Water Heaters in Frederick – Sight

Finally, conduct a sight inspection to determine if there are any obvious problems with your water heaters in Frederick. When running the hot water, do you notice a weak water flow? If so, there is a high probability that a lack of maintenance has caused the hot water heater to become clogged. Immediate attention will be necessary in this case because otherwise, you will be spending a lot of money on your utility bills. Another sight check that you can conduct will involve looking around the device itself. Mold or damp spots on the wall near water heaters will be a clear indication that water has leaked from the appliance. If there are puddles surrounding the bottom of the device, this will prove that a serious leak needs repairing.

Hot water systems are essential for living comfortably, so get your water heaters in Fredrick repaired today. You can get a price estimate and friendly assistance when you visit the Acker & Sons website.

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