Suggestions for Faucet Repair in Warsaw IN

by | Oct 10, 2019 | Plumbing

A new faucet that will fit should be chosen before any work begins. To change the faucet, basic tools should include adjustable pipe wrenches, adjustable pliers, and silicone tape. For kitchen sinks, there could be another line for a flexible hose too. Replacement flexible lines that go from the faucet to hot and cold connections under a sink that are also the correct length and size should also be obtained. For Faucet Repair in Warsaw IN, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Each flexible line has two measurements to consider:

1. The length of the hose from the bottom of a faucet to the connection under the sink. These usually are six inches, eight inches, or twelve inches but in some cases, other sizes are needed.

2. Size of the connections for the lines under sink and fo the faucet itself, usually half an inch to three-quarters of an inch to one inch, though the size may be different on the end that connects to the faucet than the end that connects to water line under the sink, so it is important to confirm size on both ends of flexible line before work is started.

It is a good idea to shut off the water coming into a location at the main to prevent spills. If that is not possible, the water to all the lines under the sink should have the valves from the water lines closed before any work is started. To remove the faucet, use a wrench to carefully loosen flexible connections at both ends. The faucet will be held in place with plastic nuts that go over plastic connections that are threaded. These plastic nuts should also be carefully removed.

For a bathroom sink, there will also be a connection for a lift rod, this should be removed where it connects to the drain. When the plastic nut is removed from the underside of both hot and cold water as well as lift rod and flexible lines disconnected the faucet can be removed.

A new faucet will have instructions on how it should be installed. For anyone not comfortable with faucet repair a professional should do this work. In some cases, instead of replacement, a faucet can also be repaired. Contact Business Name to learn more.

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