The Fear over Phantom Flushing that could easily be Handled by Toilet Repair

by | Dec 26, 2018 | Plumbing

For some, toilet problems top the list of the inconveniences that may occur inside the home. On top of it, only a few would actually try to venture and handle the toilet repairs themselves. After the plunger and a lot of over-the-counter unclogging products are poured on the toilet and it refuses to work an immediate option is to call toilet repair Bellingham WA to handle the messy job instead of performing DIY techniques. People don’t really like messing up with toilets.

Overflowing toilets are always met with panic. Perhaps the drains are clogged because you have been using the toilet as a trash bin for items that should never be flushed in toilets. Using a plunger might do the job including pouring a lot of boiling water but if these tricks do not work, better call the plumbers to handle the repairs. Just take care that next time, place a different trash receptacle inside the toilet for napkins, disposable diapers, tampons and tissue paper. Not all kinds of tissue paper are suitable for flushing in the toilets.

While toilets are made to flush away toilet paper, more recently there are toilet papers that do not dissolve easily. Furthermore, paper towels are not for toilets since they are made especially thicker to absorb more water. It has all the possibilities of clogging the toilets. To prevent this from occurring, always have tissue paper available in the toilets and paper towels conveniently away.

If the toilet keeps on running and does not shut off, you will be wasting a lot of water which will significantly reflect on your water bill. It is perhaps time to replace the flapper valve. You may also have to replace the water supply valve inside the tank. These kits are easily purchased from the local hardware store with easy directions on how to handle the DIY repairs. These are actually minor problems and not so much of a hassle but you can always call on toilet repair Bellingham WA for assistance.

A toilet flushing by itself usually scares the hell out of many families thinking of paranormal activities inside the toilets. This could be a by-product of some worn out toilet parts or a necessary adjustment to the water supply. There is the likelihood that the ghost flushes are result of too much water pressure than the toilet can handle. Partially close the water supply line which is usually just on the wall behind the toilet bowl. The flapper might also be damaged and in need of a replacement.

Usually, the phantom flushing is caused by a leak and the flush that you hear is the water tank replenishing itself after all the water has drained out due to the leak. The frequency of the phantom flushes depends upon the severity of the leak and even if you might find this funny after finding out that it is not really a ghost story, the leak will result in higher water bills. Until you take the necessary action to control the phantom flushes, you continue on wasting water.

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