The leaky tap

by | Aug 7, 2012 | Plumbers

It may sound like a small issue but water leaks can cause great damage to your house, furniture and other belongings. Procrastinating the fixing of a leakage can cost you a lot more money than the original solution. Sometimes internal leakages may not be apparent, so to fix the problem first you have to do water detection & leak detection.

Higher water Bills

Something which will really get your attention to such water leaks is your water bill. Even a small leaky tap means gallons of water wasted in a year, which in turn will cost you hundreds of pounds in water bills. As mentioned before, water leaks may be as basic as a leaky tap or well hided like cracked pipes which lead to seepage into the walls and floors of your home. By adopting a few water detection & leak detection strategies you can be equipped to save your homes and your money.

There are a few clear symptoms which spell water leakage. By looking out for such signs you will be aware of the possibility that there might be a leakage in your building’s plumbing system and take timely action.

An unusually high water bill is a clear sign of a leakage problem. If you feel that more water is being consumed in your household that what you actually use then get your plumbing system checked out as soon as possible.

Leakage in concealed pipes

Another obvious sign would be the sound of running water. This sound may even come from within the walls or from the floor boards. If the concealed water pipes in your house are leaking then you should get it repaired as quickly as you can as it can cause major damage to your walls, floors and painting. It may even damage furniture which is kept close to the walls. This kind of leakage will also become apparent with other occurrences like discolouration of walls, carpets and even ceilings.

Other signs may include sagging of wooden fittings, frequent sewer backups, bulging of walls, mould and fungus and loosening of floor tiles. If you want to care for your house and avoid unnecessary expenses it is advisable to keep an eye out for water detection & leak detection. As they say, a stitch in time saves nine.

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