Tips for Drain Cleaning Nassau County Residents Need to Know

There are few things worse than trying to clean up a kitchen only to discover the sink just won’t drain. What’s even more disconcerting is trying to solve the problem only to find that liquid cleaners and plungers just won’t free the clog and clear the drain. A call to a plumber can be costly in these cases, but sometimes it’s simply necessary for professional drain cleaning Nassau County services to be called in.

While emergencies happen and professional help is required in those cases, there are some tips for drain cleaning Nassau County residents might want to keep in mind. Doing these things can help prevent drain line blockage in the first place:

  • Never pour cooking grease down a drain. Instead, use a container to cool and store grease for future disposal in the trash or a composting heap. While hot grease may flow easily down a drain, it can cool and congeal as it moves through the line. If this happens, clogs are likely.
  • Avoid letting hair fall down a drain. Use sink stoppers and screens to prevent this in the bathroom and kitchen.
  • Clean out sink stoppers on a regular basis to ensure the items caught don’t make their way down the drain.
  • Never empty coffee grounds into a sink drain. They can clump up causing clogs that are difficult to break through.
  • Be sure to never flush large amounts of toilet paper down a toilet. It’s also best to avoid flushing paper towels, feminine products and other inappropriate materials, as well.
  • Make sure outside tree roots do not infiltrate drain lines. If they do, it’s important to call a plumber.
  • For kitchen sinks, consider pouring baking soda down the drain on a regular basis to help ensure that grease build-up doesn’t occur. Hot tap water can help move the baking soda through the lines. Vinegar can also be useful for breaking up small clogs before they become big ones.

Preventative measures can go a long way toward keeping drain lines clean and clear. Keep in mind, sometimes total blockages happen no matter what steps have been taken. When this is the case, be sure to call on drain cleaning Nassau County professionals for assistance.


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