Tips on Performing Maintenance on Air Conditioning Units in Mobile AL to Prepare for Summer Usage

by | Feb 28, 2014 | air conditioning system

One of the most important ways a homeowner can keep their Air Conditioning Units Mobile AL in good working order is by having a repairperson perform regular maintenance on the unit prior to the star of summer each year. By doing this the repair person can have time to clean and inspect the unit. This will allow them to make sure there are no repair issues to handle before the unit is put into use on a daily basis.

Most repair persons will first want to spend time cleaning the outdoor Air Conditioning Units Mobile AL. These units are the condenser and compressor, which are housed together on a concrete slab outside of the home. Because this unit is located outside, it can collect a good amount of debris, which will need to be cleaned out. The area around the unit should also be inspected to ensure there are no leaves, bushes or other types of vegetation, which might be blocking the air to the system.

When cleaning these Air Conditioning Units Mobile AL the coils on the condenser will generally need to be cleaned by vacuuming or with a hose and high-pressure nozzle. Since the coils can often become very dirty, sometimes it may be necessary to use specially formulated coil cleaner on particularly tough stains.

The fins on the condenser should also be cleaned. These should not be cleaned with water, but rather a soft brush should be used. These components can be bent very easily and this can block the flow of air into the system. To correct this, a fin comb may be needed to straighten the bent fins.

It is a good idea to inspect the wiring and connections to this unit to ensure they are in good condition and secure. This can be important in making sure the unit is safe to run and is not a fire hazard. The Freon levels on the system should be checked as well. Since Freon rarely runs out, if the level is low it generally indicates a leak in the coolant system. The repairperson will need to inspect the Air Conditioning Units Mobile AL to try to locate this leak and fix it to prevent further issues with the system.

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