Yearly Draining and Flushing Can Prevent the Need for Water Heaters Repair in Mclean

by | Mar 20, 2018 | Water Heater

Many people have never heard advice to drain and flush a home’s tank water heater now and then, but plumbers recommend this practice. A plumber who provides service for water heaters repair in Mclean can do this job if the homeowners have noticed some unusual occurrences relating to the hot water or the appliance. It also can be done as a straightforward maintenance procedure to increase the lifespan of the equipment. Ideally, homeowners would flush the tank once every year or call a plumber from a company such as Business Name to do the work.

Sediment Accumulation

Mineral deposits from water flowing into the house along with another sediment can accumulate in the tank over time. The tank can be drained by attaching a hose to the drain valve and allowing the water to flow out. If the appliance is in the basement, the water might be directed to a floor drain or the sump pump. Otherwise, the end of the hose might be placed outside through a doorway.

Examples of Steps in the Process

The water supply to the tank must be turned off first. If the heater is electric, the circuit breaker should be shut off before the project begins. A gas heater must have the pilot light turned off. After draining and flushing, the appliance must be refilled before the heat source is turned back on or the equipment can be irreparably damaged.

Turning on the cold water supply valve connected to the equipment flushes the tank, making sure all the debris is removed. The plumber providing service for water heaters repair and maintenance in Mclean may turn the water on and off several times to stir up lingering debris at the bottom.

Possible Need for Valve Replacement

At any point during the draining and flushing of the appliance, the plumber may need to replace parts. Perhaps the most common component requiring replacement is the drain valve itself, as the original valve often is not of the best quality. It may plug up with sediment during the draining process, or it may break off as the plumber attempts to work with it.

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