Why Plumbing Repairs in Bartlett ,TN Must be Addressed Now

by | Aug 21, 2015 | Plumbers, Plumbing

When there is something wrong with the plumbing but the issue does not seem serious, it is easy enough for a homeowner to delay calling for Plumbing Repairs Bartlett TN. The thing to remember is that while the basement may not be flooding, there is the need to resolve the problem sooner rather than later. Here are a few reasons why calling for help now is a smart move.

Wasting Water

It may only seem like a minor issue when the kitchen faucet is dripping a little, but the amount of water wasted over a month will add up to a significant amount. The homeowner will see just how much water was wasted when the bill from the utility company arrives. All that additional expense would have gone a long way toward paying for the needed Plumbing Repairs Bartlett TN.

Damage to the Home

With minor plumbing issues, rest assured they are causing some sort of damage to the home. That leaky pipe in the basement is doing more than allowing water to seep out and travel along the surface of the pipe. It is dripping on wood joists and other supports. Over time, that increases the potential for mold to develop. The wood will also weaken as the water saturates the joist, creating a weak spot in the home structure. The best idea is to call a professional and have those Plumbing Repairs Bartlett TN, completed before there is the chance for any real damage to take place.

Creating Health Risks

There is also the matter of considering the health of everyone living in the home. Water puddling in different areas created breeding grounds for pests. That, in turn, means more opportunity for the air quality in the home to be adversely affected. For the sake of everyone living in the house, go ahead and call for help today. In the long run, everyone will breathe easier.

For help with any type of plumbing issue, call the team at Drain Go Plumbing today. After taking a look at the problem, the plumber can go over the options for repair or replacement with the homeowner. Once a course of action is chosen, the work will be completed in no time.

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