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by | Aug 25, 2015 | Plumbing

As a caterer you know you can never be sure exactly what type of event you may be asked to cater. In many cases, you will be working at a hall or facility with running water and full kitchen facilities, but you will also typically have requests to cater to more unusual venues.

Over the summer you may find weddings, family reunions, gatherings, anniversaries, and even special even holidays like the 4th of July inspire people to do things out of the ordinary. They may want catering services at a lake, in a campground, or even on the family farm.

While getting back to nature may be great for the experience and the fun, it can be a nightmare for a catering company if you don’t have the right equipment. Adding one or more mobile sink models to your equipment is an investment that will soon pay for itself. With this equipment, you don’t have to turn down these out of the way events, many which will pay a premium to have their event catered in these less traveled locations.

What to Consider
For a mobile sink or two for a caterer, there are some important considerations to keep in mind. Since you will need hot water for staff to wash hands and perhaps even to clean utensils, choosing at least one sink with a propane, battery, or electrical hot water heater on board is a good choice.

You may want to consider the number of sinks you need as well. Some companies only offer single sink designs that can be used as hand-washing stations. Other companies offer both hand washing stations as well as NSF certified models with the deep sinks to meet all criteria and regulations needed for washing, rinsing and sanitizing food service items and utensils.

Number of Sinks
While single sink options are fine, it may also be helpful to have a larger system with two, three or four sinks. This can help to prevent issues with staff needing to wash their hands during the food prep process to prevent cross-contamination. If there is only one sink and more than one chef or cook, it is going to slow down the process without multiple basins.

The good news is that a top company will have a mobile sink model that is just right for your needs. If you have special or unique features you want to add, look for a company offering custom design options and create just the portable sink system you require.

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