Why Homeowners With Septic Systems Cannot Ignore The Need For Septic Tank Pumping in Quakertown, PA

by | Oct 14, 2015 | Septic Tank Service

Many homeowners who have a septic tank would agree that there are serious advantages to owning one. The tanks tend to last longer than many elements of the traditional plumbing system, and they offer financial advantages to homeowners who are tired of high water bills. However, it’s important for homeowners to realize that they do require maintenance. One septic system maintenance to-do item that homeowners must not neglect is septic tank pumping. If homeowners choose not to heed such a warning, the results could be disastrous. Read on to find out more about why regular septic tank pumping is so important for homeowners with septic systems.

     *     Tank Durability: One of the biggest benefits of installing a septic system is knowing that it is durable and will last a long time without the need for replacement. However, this durability is only possible with regular

     *     Septic Tank Pumping Quakertown, PA. Without it, homeowners will experience system leaks and other issues with the tank, eventually leading to a total failure. In order to avoid premature replacement, regular pumping is a must.

     *     System Backups: Sewage backups are messy and extremely frustrating to clean. Raw sewage is dangerous to handle and causes terrible odors and costly water damage. Unfortunately, homeowners who don’t invest in regular Septic Tank Pumping Quakertown, PA may find themselves having to deal with this scenario. This is because scum and sludge accumulate in septic tanks and cause drain clogs and eventual backups. Regular pumping allows homeowners to avoid this issue.

     *     Healthy Environment: The waste water that their septic tank sends into the drain field actually keeps a yard healthy and beautiful because it fertilizes the grass. Unfortunately, no having a septic tank pumped regularly can have the opposite effect on the environment. Instead of fertilizing the grass, malfunctioning systems could instead contaminate the groundwater and affect drinking water in the neighborhood. In this way, regular tank pumping actually benefits everyone in the community.

Septic systems are not only good for the homeowner, they are good for the whole neighbourhood. However, being able to enjoy the benefits of having a septic system depends entirely on the homeowner’s willingness to have it pumped regularly. For those who have neglected their tanks, Contact George C Allen & Son Inc to learn more about how timely professional maintenance can allow homeowners to have more peace of mind and put their focus back on the things that really matter.

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